Real Estate - Drone Photography 




Package 1


Interior and Exterior Photos anywhere from 30 to 100 depending on size of the house.


Package 2


Interior and Exterior Photos, plus Drone Photos


Package 3


Interior and Exterior Photos, Drone Photos, and Cinematic video walkthrough


Package 4


Interior and Exterior Photos, Drone Photos, Cinematic Video, and Twilight Photos


Drone Pictures


Drone Pictures of House, Commercial lot, Etc.

1-3 Minute Video Walkthrough


Cinematic Video cut to music, with both branded and unbranded versions.

WHy Pick Me?


Real Estate

Although I may not have the years under my belt as a  Real Estate Photography professional. I do know how to showcase your home in a unique and beautiful way! From my recent experience in the field and long hours of training,  I have learned to use only natural light to high light my images, while concentrating on giving them the perfect color and brightness. I also ensure that all areas of the home are bright, clean and ready to be photographed.

Whether you have a $80,000 home, or a few million dollar home, I treat them all the same. I can enhance the true beauty of your home that would help lure buyers in, with excitement. My videos are Cinema Level Quality, and are specifically designed to create an emotion within the viewer, encouraging the viewer to drop whatever they are doing to see your home.

My prices are very competitive and in most cases are under the majority of the other Real Estate photographers, within our area of Shasta County.  I also offer a 24 hour turn around and usually can be on the job same day or next day!.

. Come experience the difference of Sage Photography today!


Who Is Sageā€¦

Ever since I was a kid, I loved taking pictures! I hadn't realized how much I enjoyed photography until a year ago, when I bought my first DSLR! 

Before my education I would only take pictures on my phone or GOPRO.

As soon as I purchased my first professional camera, I have become unstoppable!  With photography, I find my best self!  spending hours upon hours shooting and editing homes All while respectfully, learning from those who have come before me.

My future dream with Photography, Drone and Videography, is to be sponsored by an Adventure Company, for travel, film and capturing the essence of nature, while participating in adrenaline based activities, such as Sky Diving, Rock Climbing, Parkour and Long boarding! 

Our mind is our only limit! 




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